The word Biophilia meaning Bio (life) + Philia (the love of something) refers to the concept that human beings thrive when they are connected to nature and the natural living world. 


We work closely with Designers and Architects, Office and Facilities Managers to include biophilic elements for offices and commercial spaces. Recommending innovative planting ideas for your unique situation, and making your vision become a reality, we take into consideration your environment and lighting levels to find the best plant specimens that will thrive and add beauty.


 EARTHYATLAS is renowned for being DRAMATIC AND IMPULSIVE but yet effectively prosperous.
We provide a weekly, affordable, fresh-flower service. Our expert florists design, arrange and personally deliver your display in an attractive vase to match the aesthetic of your workspace, working to your budget. Stunning fresh flowers add the luxury element that makes guests feel welcome and at home. 


Many studies have been made over the past few decades which support this theory, and show that Biophilic Design (including natural elements into Design and architecture) is highly beneficial with direct positive impacts on health and wellbeing, productivity, creativity, healing rates, value perception, staff retention and decreased absenteeism.