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Working on a consulting basis, our process begins with a visit ( whether its your personal space or your work space), allowing us to discuss specific requirements and get a feel for an organization space, location and corporate image. Then we create exciting designs, specifying plants for businesses that will thrive in your environment, and provide an accurate quote based on a minimum contract spend. We can also work with your interior design team’s mood boards and floor plans, as our bespoke plant display service is specifically tailored to your requirements. Once a planting solution and maintenance contract is chosen, our installation team deliver and install the new greenery, all with minimum disruption. An assigned technician will then make regular, scheduled visits to ensure the plant displays are watered, fed and in perfect condition. Your total satisfaction is central to our business and our customer service team are just a phone call or email away to assist with any queries. 
You can also find out more about our EARTHY atlas  

We operate in 6 countries. We respect and value the local communities with whom we work and have nurtured and built strong relationships with them. As a result, we feel we have a deeper understanding of how to best deliver the trip of a lifetime to you.

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Our values underpin who we are, why we do what we do, and what makes us so unique. 
We do much more than supply plants for businesses; we care about our clients and colleagues and have a real passion and drive for what we do. 

Expedition Reports

(my full write up from 2017) ‘Cold, remote & desolate. If at first you don’t succeed…’ Extract from my 2016 attempt: It was 04:00am and I needed to stop. I was hurting so much.

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Sidetracked Magazine is an online and printed journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of adventure travel, journeys and expeditions.

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(my full write up from 2017) ‘Cold, remote & desolate. If at first you don’t succeed…’ Extract from my 2016 attempt: It was 04:00am and I needed to stop.

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Our Leaders

On every expedition, the number of participants is kept to a level to enable the highest quality to be maintained. We do not want to be that company where you become a number or even a blur after the expedition has finished, so we have a strict cut off point to ensure that our groups never become too big.

We strongly believe that by doing this our Mountain Expeditions Leaders are able to provide a more personalised service and we find that group dynamics work much better than when travelling in high numbers. Therefore, your success rate and enjoyment increases immeasurably.

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Mountain Expeditions employs a small number of highly experienced Expedition Leaders to lead our trips. Carefully chosen for their experience, qualifications, personality and their ability to apply themselves to challenging situations.

Mobile: +11 (0) 5684 147 157
Office: +55 (0) 117 240 2300
Email: info@mountain-expeditions.com

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